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      Production Technology


The EcoFlor Company produces Chef Mors® using an exclusive patented technology, developed jointly with scientists at the Saint Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy.
The basis of the technology is the use of high gradient equipment to subject the berries being processed to intense mechanical, hydrodynamic and pulsating action simultaneously.
The powerful action pulverizes the seeds and processes the skin of the berries, which are the healthiest parts. It makes it possible to use the entire berry, and also to use it in a way so that your body can digest all these precious elements.
What’s more, the berries are not exposed to high temperatures. The berries are only pasteurized. This means that the healthy ingredients are preserved as much as possible.
Each batch undergoes multistage control by our technicians. We have our own fully equipped laboratory and the most modern equipment.
Responsibility, professionalism and love for our work are what allow us to create a product of the highest quality!