Mors for Professionals
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Chef Mors® contains only choice berries and sugar syrup.
Our product contains no chemical additives.
Chef Mors® contains no preservatives, colouring or flavouring.
We select only ripe, large berries, undamaged during picking or shipping, for use in Chef Mors®. The berries are first electronically cleaned, during which the ones that do not meet our standards for size, colour and wholeness are discarded. Small foreign objects are cleaned away at this stage (leaves, moss and grass).
The fresh berries are flash frozen after undergoing electronic cleaning, and after that are stored frozen at -18⁰C. Thawing and repeated freezing is not allowed. We exert our maximum effort to ensure that the berries we use will retain all the quality of fresh-picked berries.
EcoFlor Company is the largest company engaged in high-level processing of wild berries in northwest Russia. We are extremely careful in our selection of suppliers. We only work with ones that have earned a reputation as honest and reliable partners. Their quality and reliability are proven over time.
By purchasing quality berries and ensuring optimum conditions for their shipping and storage, we lay the foundation for excellent results – high quality products.