Mors for Professionals
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      Mors for Professionals


Mors is a traditional, beloved and popular Russian drink. It’s great for quenching your thirst, it’s full tasting, and it goes together excellently with Russian and other food. Now you can find mors on the menu in restaurants everywhere. Chefs see tremendous potential in this drink.
All the natural qualities of the berries need to be preserved so that mors will be not only delicious and fragrant, but healthy. This requires professional handling! That’s the only way that every drop can fully reflect the goodness of the fruit that gives you energy and health!
We have created an innovative product for hospitality industry professionals, bringing together the goodness of berries and the latest food handling technology.
Chef Mors® is a professional berry source for fast preparation of natural mors in the HoReCa sector.
The patented technology lets us prepare mors concentrate without significant heating. The qualities of the berries are preserved. Technology enables us to extract and preserve healthy elements in the berry skins and seeds.
Using Chef Mors®, you can prepare real Russian mors in just a few minutes!